The Country Side Auto Body Process



• An estimate is written based on our initial inspection of the damage to the vehicle. We compile all the relevant data into our estimation system, to determine the cost of repairs. We also take photos of all visible damage to attach to your file. Often times, there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is “torn down” (disassembled)

• If an insurance company is involved, they will also complete an estimation for repair, based on what they allow. The insurance company also determines if the vehicle is repairable. Country Side Auto Body works hand in hand with the insurance company to work out the details of the repair, including any negotiations, or parts price increase. **Please note, we also repair vehicles that are not part of an insurance claim!**

• In the process of disassembly, hidden damage may be discovered. Many times this will require another visit from the insurance company to re-inspect the damage, and authorize any increases to the estimate.

• At this stage, we are ready to order parts for the vehicle. In many cases, the parts will arrive quickly, the repair, however cannot begin until the shop receives all the structural parts.

• Structural repair is the next phase of the process. The body of the vehicle is returned back to the factory specification, using a sophisticated measuring system. The computer based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of the vehicle. This system assures an accurate repair.

• Body repair comes next. Replacement of exterior panels, and all metal finishing are done in this phase, along with repair of any dents, dings or scrapes the vehicle may have due to the loss. At this point, the vehicle is ready to be prepped for paint.

• Preparation for paint is a critical step in the refinishing process. All panels and other repair areas are prepared for paint, then primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats of paint are applied.

• Reassembly is next. Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle in the assembly area. All the vehicle’s systems are checked during this process. The vehicle is almost complete. If the vehicle needs alignment, that will be done at this stage., along with any codes that may need to be cleared.

• Oftentimes during the repair process the vehicle accumulates dust, it will be cleaned and road tested to ensure that everything is in working order.

• Vehicle is ready for delivery! When the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle, a detailed invoice will accompany the final estimate. Applicable deductibles will be collected at this time, and the customer can then leave with the repaired vehicle!

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